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GeekGirlsRun, a new running club for everyone

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Hey all! So, because I’m not a busy enough person, I totally got involved in ANOTHER thing.

And now I’m going to tell you about it.

I’ve no idea if you guys have seen anything about a new running group called GeekGirlsRun, but it’s a new running club we’ve (Betsy (JustBetsyCostumes), Caitlin (BrightCopperPenny), & yours truly) put together because Betsy (who is awesome) thought the world needed one, and we agreed.

So for the last couple months we’ve been brainstorming the heck out of what it takes to start a running club, and we have, for the most part, I think put a good one together. But of course we are still learning. :)

We have a logo, we have a website, we have all sorts of social media (go like our FB! https://www.facebook.com/GeekGirlsRun), and a motto: A community for geek girls who just want to run. Whether you have thousands of miles under your utility belt, or none, we’re here to share, have fun, and encourage each other.

Also, it’s for everyone, not just runners, and not just girls. EVERYONE. :)

We are all inclusive! Here’s a pic of our very first convention “fun run” held last month at Origins:

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IMG_0508 Also, GeekGirlsRun is teaming up with Nerd Herd and promoting their virtual race series. You guys, check it out, you run 3 races (5K, or 10K, or 1/2 marathon, YOU PICK!), you get 4 medals (that come together to form a picture), and the best part is the money goes toward fighting cancer! The series is $65 for all 3 races, BUT if you use the coupon code geekgirlsrun by JULY 27th (that’s in 3 days!) you get $5 off!.

I know “May the 4th” has already passed by, but you can still run the 5k (to still get the medal). I ran mine yesterday. WOOHOO! I thought my shirt was appropriate. :D

At anyrate, I know I’ve got a bajillion things going on, but here’s one more… because I believe in GeekGirlsRun. I believe very strongly in the culture of running – the inclusiveness of everyone, runner, walker, cheerer, everyone. We’re all one big happy family. :) We would love to have everyone who wants to be in the club to join! :)

Ailionora > http://www.ailionora.com > http://www.ailionora.com/2013/07/24/geekgirlsrun-a-new-running-club-for-everyone/
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