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Janine Spendlove

Athena’s Daughters Kickstarter Lessons Learned

Wow, it’s been 2 weeks since the Athena’s Daughters Kickstarter, and I still feel like it JUST happened. And of course, I am still looking at the final number and going “whoa.”

A few people have asked me “how did you run such a successful kickstarter?” Well, the answer is simple. *I* didn’t!

It truly was a group effort, and without everyone coming together there is absolutely no way we would have gotten the word out nor interest in the project piqued. Everything from one of the authors for Apollo’s Daughters tipping off someone he knew at i09, to all the authors’ relentless promotion across all forms of social media, to people who stumbled across the Kickstarter page, thought it was cool and told all their friends about it, contributed greatly to the success.

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