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SOOOOOO I’ve got my Farpoint schedule, so if you’re going to be there, LET ME KNOW/COME FIND ME! I want to see you!

Apparently I’m the Author Guest of Honor at the Friday Cocktail Party (I’ve emailed to see if this is true or was a typo on my schedule, but I’ve not heard anything back)… somehow I find this (me being the Author GOH) hard to believe, but I’m going to show up in the off chance it is true. If it’s not, then no biggie, either way I’m looking forward to socializing/seeing fellow Farpoint attendees. It begins at 1900, so I hope to see you there!

Everywhere else I’ll be:
Farpoint Book Fair, 2200 Dulaney Valley 1

Beating Writer’s Block 1000 Chesapeake 1
How to Kill A Character 1100 Chesapeake 1
The Heirs To Harry: Young Adult Science Fiction in Books & Film 1600 Chesapeake 1

Antihero or Villain: What’s the Difference? 1000 Chesapeake 1
Crowdfunding Your Project 1100 Chesapeake 1
Autograph Table 1200 Atrium Front

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Oh hey! Remember when I used to do these? It’s been like over a YEAR. And I have a ton of pics/outfits that I haven’t posted about and went through all the trouble of getting pics of, sooooooo I’m going to do another post.

I’m going to do two looks – one winter because, yeah, winter, and one summer, BECAUSE I MISS THE SUN OKAY.
 photo IMG_9110.jpg

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