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TAG – I’m it! How I write what I write


The interior artwork for Diana’s “Killer Unicorn” short story in “Athena’s Daughters.”

Sooooo I was tagged by the amazing Diana Peterfreund, which is perfect timing as I just finished reading her killer unicorn book, Rampant. Yes, you read that right, KILLER UNICORNS. And it was just as awesome as it sounds! Seriously go read it RIGHT NOW if you haven’t. Can’t wait to read the next book in the series (which also happens to have a tie-in short story in Athena’s Daughters, which you can order here), also, Diana, I’m giving you the “HURRY UP AND WRITE THE NEXT BOOK” look. So’s my daughter.

What am I working on?
I’m currently working on various projects, to include putting together and editing Athena’s Daughters vol 2 with Maggie Allen, and writing a couple graphic novels (a first for me, and I’m super nervous and excited). One is about a space girl & a cowboy, and the other is superhero themed – it’s actually going to be the graphic novel version of my Anarchy stories, the first of which you can find in the currently running Kickstarter for HEROES! so be sure to check it out. As far as novels, I have a couple 1/2 finished ones I really need to just get off my butt and do, and several others tumbling around the back of my mind (full disclosure, I’m actively working on a Military Sci-fi retelling of Pride and Prejudice).
How does my work differ from others of its genre?
Weeeeell… I write in many different genres (aside from my fantasy novels, my last two accepted submissions were horror stories, and before that, military sci-fi). But, based on what reviews of my YA novels have said though, it seems that people are surprised/happy to see that my War of the Seasons trilogy deals with the reality of losing loved ones/the grieving process, and a romance that is gradual and “realistic” (not “love at first sight”), and not central to the plot of the story. Ultimately it seems the reoccuring theme in comments is that readers care less about the actual story I’ve written, and more about the charcaters and their relationships/entanglements (which, obviously, need a story). Guess I should work on making my actual stories better. ;)

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Why do I write what I do?
For War of the Seasons I had some grief and loss that I needed to work through. For most of my short fiction it’s either because a “what if” popped in my head or, again, I have some strong feelings about something I need to address (ie, my last mil sci-fi story was about PTSD, and the after effects of returning home from war – something I feel is infrequently seen in speculative fiction). And honestly, sometimes I write a story simply because someone asked me to.
How does your writing process work?

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Ehhhh… I guess it depends on the story? But very loosely, it goes along the lines of:
1- Idea or very generic subject pops in my head.
2- I discuss said idea or subject with my husband and/or a few choice friends.
3- Idea (subject is now an idea) bounces around my brain housing group for a while. This could be days or years.
4- Research idea. Get more ideas.
5- Idea bounces around brain housing group some more.
6- Outline the story.
7- Do more research.
8- Start writing.
9- Research.
8- Writing.
10. Research.
11. Writing.
12. Finish story & send it to choice friends for feedback.
13. Receive feedback and do nothing for a while.
14. Do not touch story for many months so that when I return to it I have fresh eyes. Work on other stories.
15. Return to story armed with feedback and edit/revise.
16. Edit/revise.
17. Edit/revise.
18. Finish, send back out for feedback, then edit/revise again.
So basically, that. Or some permutation thereof.
Then go ahead and tag someone else.
I’m going to tag my wonderfully awesome partner in crime, Maggie Allen. She’s the heart of Silence in the Library Publishing, and I would not be where I am today without her.

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As a reminder, Maggie and I have a kickstarter going on RIGHT NOW! If you want to see more diversity in the Superhero genre, please come right this way...


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