How to moderate a panel

One of the best moments of DragonCon 2013 for me was following a Phineas and Ferb panel I had just moderated. One of the panel attendees came up to me afterward to thank me for the excellent job I’d done moderating the panel.

Seriously??? Wow! Cool, thanks! :)
Then over the course of the weekend I had several people take the time to let me know that they really appreciated my moderating at different panels, and they specifically called out the fact that I kept things on track, the atmosphere positive & inviting to comment, and I didn’t let anyone take over the panel (we’ve all been there before…).
1186771_10201782618784023_1397112238_nSince then I’ve had a Con programming directly recently say “I wish you could teach my mod’s how to properly moderate a panel.”  Don’t get me wrong, this is not a “oh hey look at me, I’m an awesome Mod” post, but rather a “I guess I do an OK job at the Mod gig, so I’m going to share with you what I do, since someone asked me to.”
And honestly it’s really not that difficult. What it boils down to is communication.
-When I’m asked to moderate a panel the first thing I do is research the topic (or the person if it’s a Q&A) and come up with an outline/an idea of what I think the panel would like to discuss (unless it’s one of those times where I find out when I show up at a panel that I’m the Mod… then I just role with it – there are always generic questions you can ask like: tell us a bit about yourself/this subject. What is most important to you about this subject/why should I care about it, etc.).
-I try to always start and end panels promptly. That shows that you respect both the panelists and the attendees. Everyone’s time at a con is valuable, not just yours (for that matter, if you are a con guest – I don’t care if you are the guest of honor, don’t be a prima donna. You are there for the attendees/the con. The con does not exist for you).
-I start the panel by announcing the subject matter, and then going over the rules. Yes, I have rules, and they are generally:
1. This is a conversation, not a “we talk and you listen” panel, so if you have something you’d like to say, please raise your hand/go up to the mic and I’ll call on you so we can all benefit from what you’d got to say.
2. That said, my job is to keep us on topic and away from any rabbit holes, so if I think we’re going down one, I’m going to rein us back in.
3. Please keep your thoughts short and to the point and don’t dominate the conversation – everyone has something worth contributing, so please don’t dominate the time. Again, it’s my job to keep the panel moving so if I cut you short, please don’t take it personally.
4. If you raise your hand and I don’t call on you, please don’t be offended. It’s not that I don’t value what you’ve got to say, it’s that I’m trying to give everyone an opportunity to speak in a limited amount of time, and if you’ve already spoken I’m going to afford someone else the opportunity to do so first.
5. Lastly, please be respectful to each other. Everyone has an opinion and a right to that opinion. This is not the place to attack each other over differences.
I know that all can come off as harsh to some, but I’ve found that it allows for open, safe spaces, where people feel comfortable expressing their thoughts and opinions, and everyone gets a chance to talk. That said, it only works if you, as the Mod, actually enforce the rules. 
BTW, the rules are not there to allow the Mod to force a specific/personal agenda – often we don’t make it through the outline I have for a panel because the panel clearly wants to go in a different direction than what I’ve outlined (but still within the confines of the panel subject) and at that point, you as the Mod, need to have a good enough sense from your audience as to what they want to discuss and what they don’t. Don’t just listen to their words, watch their body language. Are they bored? Are they excited? You need to cue off of them. Ultimately the panel is for the audience. As long as you remember that, you’ll do just fine.
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Did you miss the Kickstarter for my newest anthology, Athena’s Daughters, a sci-fi and fantasy collection written by women, about women? Good news, you can still order your copy here.
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And in other news, Silence in the Library Publishing has a new kickstarter – it’s for an awesome graphic novel called Icarus. The story looks awesome, and the artwork is simply put, STUNNING. Check it out!
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Cool stuff plug time! A solar powered flashlight that ALSO charges my phone? SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!    
P.S. My dad designed this flashlight, so of course it would personally mean a lot to me if you checked it out. :)
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2013 in review

Oh, 2013 I am NOT sorry to see you go. We had some highs and lows together, but professionally you were great to me, so I won’t complain.

Soooo, let’s start with January:

AHBAONcoverI submitted 2 stories to anthologies and began getting a 3rd edited. I also started writing the final novel in the War of the Seasons trilogy, The Hunter(something I was both excited and scared to do)

I also began putting together my first anthology, A Hero by Any Other Name, which was a bit scary, but fun at the same time – it’s was something I’d never done before.

I  also attended the Presidential inauguration (a first for me!) and visited SEVERAL countries for the first time: Algeria, Cyprus, Germany (where I met Vice President Biden!), Israel, Morocco, and Turkey (where I met Vice President Biden!).

All in all, a VERY busy month.

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War of the Seasons, Book Three: The Hunter

The temperature dropped, and, shivering, Story stood and turned slowly around.

A massive polar bear towered over her, his mouth twisted into an animalistic grin.

“You’re sick, Geamhradann.”

“I’m so glad you remember me.” The Winter King sat down on his haunches and licked one of his dinner plate sized paws clean of drying silver blood. “And I’m feeling quite well, thank you very much.”

Story rubbed her hands over her arms against the freezing wind. She couldn’t feel her feet any longer, and though her head told her to run, she knew it was no good. Geamhradann would catch her as soon as she moved. She looked around for a weapon, a rock, a chunk of ice, anything to throw at him to force him to break his concentration and therefore loosen his hold on her in the dreamscape, so she could wake up.

“You should know better, half-blood. You can’t hurt me here.”

* * * * *

Story must face an evil greater than any she’s encountered before. As darkness looms over Ailionora, Story, her companions, and all of the races of Ailionora band together to fight for their very survival.

Editorial review
“Spendlove acknowledges authors Michael Stackpole and Aaron Allston in her book. Her writing style mirrors the easy readability of those two master wordsmiths, where the words flow and the characters don’t make you stop and wonder why they are doing something. The tale just feels believable and the characters relatable.” -Tricia Barr, FANgirl Blog

Read a Sample

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The Uinseann is coming: December 21st, eBook release of War of the Seasons: The Hunter

The Hunter Kickstarter

My dear friend Kelli just sent me the above image saying “Just a little something I made… The third book of a 
As am I, my dear friend. Thank you so much! trilogy is a big deal! I’m thrilled to be on this ride with you.”

If you would like to order War of the Seasons trilogy, you can do so here or here.

The first link is to my current Kickstarter, the Athena’s Daughters all women Sci-Fi/Fantasy, and the second link is to my shop here.

If you would like to just order The Hunter, you may do so in my shop as well. The eBook will be released on the 21st of December (an important date in the War of the Seasons trilogy), and the print book will be available in January.

Thank you all for your support!

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Ever wonder what happened to Amelia Earhart? My newest story, “Millie”

So, I totally meant to post this last week, but the week has been NUTS. Like in a good way. The short version is that we launched a new kickstarter  for an all female anthology that immediately went gangbusters, funded in 36 hours, 5 days in and we have over 600 backers, and we keep running out of backer rewards. It’s a GREAT problem to have.

The anthology is called Athena’s Daughters and it’s a science fiction and fantasy compilation completely done by women – all the artists, authors, and the editor are women, and all the stories have a female lead.

Science Fiction and Fantasy are wonderful mediums to teach our youth (and our adults), to expand our horizons, and encourage thought and imagination. But I still see a lack of women as leads out there* and I think it’s very important for children (and adults!) to have strong** female role models in their lives.

That’s what inspired Athena’s Daughters.

There are so many awesome stories in this anthology, like Maggie Allen’s “Lunar Camp” all about a young girl and her exciting (and life threatening) adventures on the moon, or Sherwood Smith’s “Commando Bats”, which is all about 70+ year old women who become superheroes (I’d like to point out that one of these women is the survivor of a stroke and wheelchair bound – and she’s the most fantastic of them all!).   

article-1338808-0022454600000258-29_468x493As for my own story in the anthology, “Millie”, it’s about a modern day Marine pilot Sara Colón (a helicopter pilot based on an old friend of mine from my first days in the Corps) who has a chance encounter with a very familiar time traveling Aviatrix (have you ever wanted to know what really happened Amelia Earhart?).

You can see the amazing artwork that super talented artist Autumn Frederickson did for my story in the header for this post. I love it!

If you’d like to read an excerpt of my story click here.

If you’d like to listen to an excerpt of my story click here.

Oh, and the introduction to the anthology was written by retired astronaut (and even more awesome, SHE’S A PILOT!) Pam Melroy!

So to say I’m just a little bit excited about this anthology would be a massive understatement.

As I mentioned in the opening, the kickstarter for Athena’s Daughters launched a few days ago, and it already funded and we are WELL into the stretch goals. Basically, for only $5 you can get the eBook of Athena’s Daughters, 3 novels, 1 album, and 7 short stories, with many more short stories on the way. Again, all that for ONLY $5! Honestly, if you’re a voracious reader you can’t afford NOT to get in on this. Just sayin!

Even if you’re not interested in the project yourself, but think you might have friends or family who might, I’d really appreciate it if you could make a mention of it on your social media or through your email connections. The link to the Kickstarter (order) page is http://tinyurl.com/athenasD.

So in short, awesome women doing awesome things – check it out!

*Yes, I know we have The Hunger Games, Divergant, my own War of the Seasons trilogy, along with many more female led stories out there that all totally rock, but it’s still a dearth compared to male leads.

**Strong here doesn’t necessarily mean physical strength (though it certainly can!), but ALL kinds of strength. The strength to stand up for what you know is right, the strength to make an unpopular decision, the strength to be a calming voice in a contentious situation, etc.

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Need a copy of one of my books? As it happens you can buy them here.




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Happy 238th Birthday to all Marines past, present, and future!

In honor of our shared birthday of November 10, 1775, I’m doing a giveaway of a print copy of the Dogs of War anthology featuring my military sci-fi short story “The Marine Breed” and a digital download of my first novel, War of the Seasons: The Human.

I’m going to give away one copy of each on both Nov 10th, the Marine Corps’ birthday AND an additional copy of each on Nov 11th in honor of Veterans’ Day.

All you need to do to enter is re-blog, re-tweet, re-post, share, etc this post via twitter, instagram, Facebook, or tumblr. You can post this once on each day on each form of social media to increase your chances of winning. Just make sure I’m tagged so I see it!

Winners will be chosen at random and notified on Tuesday, Nov 12th.

Good luck and SEMPER FI!

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Signal boost, pretty please?

Soooooo as I think y’all know at this point, I’ve got a kickstarter going for my 3rd “War of the Seasons” novel, “The Hunter” (the final book in the trilogy).

It’s already fully funded (THANK YOU GUYS!) which means it’s a sure thing (and the book is written/with the editor, so it’s DEFINITELY a sure thing). On top of that, it’s met a bunch of stretch goals, so there are a TON of cool freebies at this point if you back with at least $5 (you get 2 novels & 5 short stories with the potential for so much more).

The kickstarter will be done in a couple days (it ends on the 6th of November), so if you wouldn’t mind boosting the signal to help me reach some of our last stretch goals, I’d be forever grateful!

Plus if you get the print or the patch the funds go to Make-A-Wish. So, WOOT! Helping a good cause. :)


If you’d like some social media language suggestions here you go:

My blogpost about it is here: http://www.ailionora.com/2013/10/08/kickstarterpre-order-war-seasons-fantasy-trilogy-strong-female-protagonist-minimal-sparkling/

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Check out the new Kickstarter for Janine K. Spendlove’s War of the Seasons Trilogy. A trio of great fantasy novels, and stretch goal short stories by authors like Michael A. Stackpole, Aaron Allston, Bryan Young, Maggie Allen, Albin Johnson, and Cleolinda Jones. With a lot of really cool extras and add-ons, there’s sure to be something for everyone. http://tinyurl.com/pquscr4


Kickstarter for Janine Spendlove’s War of the Seasons fantasy trilogy. Check it out! Please support/RT http://tinyurl.com/pquscr4

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Guest post: Misbehaving Women by Gail Z. Martin

I first met Gail a couple years back at ShevaCon. We were on a “How to kill your characters” panel together (among several others) and I was immediately struck by the fact that this was a woman absolutely NOT afraid to do whatever she needed to do to her characters: kill, maim, hurt, etc, if that was what the story needed. I was also struck by how AWESOME she was! Since that panel we’ve worked together at several cons and it’s been my pleasure to get to know her & her fantastic work! I’m now delighted to be working on a project with her, but more on that later. FIRST, her post!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Misbehaving Women

By Gail Z. Martin

well_behaved_women_magnetI love the quote, “Well-behaved women rarely make history.” That’s true in the real world, but it’s always true in fantasy.

In my Chronicles of the Necromancer series, all of my female characters “aim to misbehave.” Kiara Sharsequin may be the heir to the Isencroft throne, but when she needs to find a way to heal her father the king, and avoid an arranged marriage to a tyrannical monarch, she takes off on her own and breaks all the rules to find a solution.

Carina Jesthrata is a healer whose been making her own way since she and her twin brother, Cam, were cast out of their home because their neighbors feared that twins were bad magic. Between Carina’s healer’s talent and Cam’s brawny size, they find work with a mercenary troop, and later with a traveling caravan. It’s not the genteel life of a healer to a noble house, but it puts Carina in position to affect the future of the Winter Kingdoms.

Aidane is a serroquette, a ‘ghost whore,’ a medium who can permit a ghost to inhabit her body for an intimate reunion with a living lover. She makes her way despite the Nargi priests who hunt down and kill the serroquettes. When she is caught, beaten and left for dead, her unlikely rescuers sweep Aidane up into intrigue in a war-torn kingdom, setting a chain of events into motion that put the fate of the new queen in Aidane’s hands.

In my Ascendant Kingdoms Saga, Kestel Falke is a spy, a courtesan and an assassin. (It was the assassin part that earned her a one-way ticket to the Velant prison colony.) Her fighting skills keep her alive and protect her within the brutal Velant prison, and her adaptability helps her survive was a colonist in the harsh Edgeland climate. When magic fails, Kestel finds herself being the bodyguard and lover of the one man who might be able to put things right.

And in my Deadly Curiosities series, Cassidy Kincaide is the owner of Trifles & Folly, an antiques and collectibles store in Charleston, SC that is much more than in appears to be. Cassidy is a psychometric, able to read the history of objects with a touch. That comes in handy, because Trifles & Folly is the front for an organization dedicated to removing dangerous magical objects from circulation. Cassidy’s work involves a fair amount of breaking and entering, and a certain level of subterfuge to keep the store’s real purpose under wraps. (You’ll see more of Cassidy in my story, ‘Retribution,’ in the Athena’s Daughters anthology, and in the new Deadly Curiosities series from Solaris books in 2014.)

If any of my heroines had been “well-behaved,” they would never have gotten into the situations that let them save the monarch, save the kingdom, or chart their own destiny. By defying the norms of their culture, social class and circumstances, they break the constraints that would have kept them from coming into their full abilities and making a huge difference in the world. Let’s hear it for women who misbehave!

Come check out all the free excerpts, book giveaways and other goodies that are part of my Days of the Dead blog tour! Trick-or-Treat you way through more than 30 partner sites where you’ll find brand new interviews, freebies and more–details at www.AscendantKingdoms.com.

Ice Forged will be a Kindle Daily Deal with a special one-day price of just $1.99 only on October 31! Get it here: http://amzn.com/B008AS86QY

Reign of Ash, book two in the Ascendant Kingdoms Saga launches in April, 2014 from Orbit Books. My new urban fantasy, Deadly Curiosities, comes out in July, 2014 from Solaris Books. I bring out two series of ebook short stories with a new story every month for just .99 on Kindle, Kobo and Nook—check out the Jonmarc Vahanian Adventures or the Deadly Curiosities Adventures.

About the author: Gail Z. Martin is the author of Ice Forged in The Ascendant Kingdoms Saga and the upcoming Reign of Ash (Orbit Books, 2014), plus The Chronicles of The Necromancer series (The Summoner, The Blood King, Dark Haven & Dark Lady’s Chosen ) from Solaris Books and The Fallen Kings Cycle (The Sworn and The Dread) from Orbit Books. In 2014, Gail launches a new urban fantasy novel, Deadly Curiosities, from Solaris Books. She is also the author of two series of ebook short stories: The Jonmarc Vahanian Adventures and the Deadly Curiosities Adventures. Find her at www.ChroniclesOfTheNecromancer.com, on Twitter @GailZMartin, on Facebook.com/WinterKingdoms, at DisquietingVisions.com blog and GhostInTheMachinePodcast.com.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Now onto the AWESOME project I’m delighted to announce that Gail is a part of – an all female anthology Maggie Allen and I are putting together called Athena’s Daughters.

Athena’s Daughters is a collection of short fiction from some of the best female science fiction and fantasy authors in the business (Jean Rabe is editing, Sherwood Smith, Mary Robinette Kowal, Cleolinda Jones, & others have stories in it). This anthology features stories written by women about women. We wanted, in this project, to provide a platform by which our female authors, artists, graphic designers, and editors could showcase their incredible talents.

To that end, Athena’s Daughters is a project conceived, developed, and driven by women. All of the authors in this anthology are women, as are the artists, the graphic designer, and the editor.

The Kickstarter for this project will launch in December and we hope you will join us!


~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Speaking of Kickstarters, don’t forget I’ve got two going right now! The first is for the 3rd novel in the War of the Seasons trilogy, The Hunter. It’s already funded, so if you back the project you KNOW you’re going to get some cool stuff. Right now $5 gets you 2 novels & 4 (possibly up to 8) short stories! $15 gets you 4 novels and 4 (possibly up to 8) short stories! The kickstarter ends on November 5th, so don’t delay! http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/103879051/war-of-the-seasons-a-fantasy-trilogy-by-janine-k-s

The second Kickstarter I’m a part of is called War Stories and it’s an anthology of Military Sci-Fi stories. My story, “Coming Home,” is about a space Marine pilot named Pia, and the struggles she and her aircrew face in the battle for New Austin. But more than that is the struggle Pia faces when she returns home and has to deal with the difficulties of adjusting back to a “normal life.” In other words, it’s about her struggle with PTSD.

There are a LOT of great authors in the anthology, so please consider backing the project! http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/andrewliptak/war-stories-modern-military-science-fiction?ref=live

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Kickstarter/Pre-order for War of the Seasons, a fantasy trilogy with a strong female protagonist and

100_0277For me, it all started with a boy named Will.

I first met William Snell in the spring of 2003, and Katie Johnson the following year.

2004-katie066In 2005, seven year old Katie passed away after her battle with cancer. In 2008, eighteen year old Will died in a single car accident. Will and Katie had a very special relationship, and both of them left a lasting imprint on the lives of everyone they touched.

Katie’s father Albin Johnson said this about Will a few hours after his passing: “William was an incredible young soul – at the age of 15 he volunteered to visit Katie while she was bed-ridden and they quickly hit it off as friends. Will earned a place in Katie’s heart when she dared him to take some of her yucky medicine – and he did. He stayed by her side and read to her, watched t.v. with her, and was there only days before she passed to present her with her Honorary Membership in the Legion. I cannot over emphasize the depth of this young man’s soul, who we will miss terribly in the Carolina Garrison. He was our best and youngest and tragically cut down before he even got his TK number. ” Don’t worry – Al made sure Will got his TK number posthumously. ☺


So, as I think you’ve probably picked up on Will and Katie were very important to me, and their loss (along with others, like my dear uncle Milton) motivated me to write War of the Seasons, Book 1: The Human. It was the only way I could find to express everything that I was feeling and have a place where my loved ones could live forever. In June 2011, after several heavy revisions and workshop treatments, The Human was published by Silence in the Library Publishing.


WOTS1-audiobook500pxIf you’re here, you’ve probably read the first two War of the Seasons novels, but just in case: The protagonist of “The Human,” Story, starts out as an angry teenager battered by the loss of loved ones. As is usually the case with this type of loss, in her anger she strikes out unreasonably against those who love her and want to help her. Through the course of an epic adventure in which Story finds herself thrust into a magical world she does not understand and wants to escape, and called upon to be the savior of that world, the reader gets to see her development from an angry, confused, lonely teenager to a human being who learns and grows from the loss she has experienced.

WarOfTheSeasonsBook2TheHalfbloodBook two, The Half-blood, is much darker, and Story has to deal with the consequences of her choices/actions in The Human.

And now what this whole post has been leading up to, the last book in the War of the Seasons trilogy, The Hunter and its Kickstarter.

c6010ce4-11c9-4a31-9f6c-90001c33aa2dIn “The Hunter,” Story faces an evil greater than any she’s encountered before. As darkness looms over Ailionora, Story, her companions, and all of the races of Ailionora band together to fight for their very survival.

The initial print run for War of the Seasons, book 3: The Hunter is going to be funded through a Kickstarter, which means this is essentially how you can pre-order the book.

That said Silence in the Library Publishing has some pretty exciting offers over at the Kickstarter page, one of which I’m going to mention now. Ron and Al worked together to create an exclusive Will and Katie patch that you will only be able to get at select reward levels as part of this Kickstarter. The patch features Will posing in Stormtrooper armor and Katie in Rebel uniform. I’d like to personally thank talented artist Juan Jose Matamoros for creating and donating the patch design. Of note, I’m not allowed to say on the Kickstarter website, but I can say it here, all proceeds from any sales of Will & Katie patches or Will’s prints (you can find out about that at the Kickstarter website) will go to the Make a Wish Foundation and the Craven Arts Council as both these organizations were significant in Katie & Will’s lives. As you can see below, the patch is pretty awesome, and captures the spirit of both Will and Katie:

UnknownAnother thing I want to bring up here are some of the stretch goals this Kickstarter has: Ron managed to convince (and I don’t know how, but I’m not questioning it) some pretty amazing authors to write short stories in the War of the Seasons universe. Authors IJedi_PByou know and love, like Michael A. Stackpole and Aaron Allston, and authors you know from other venues, like Cleolinda Jones, Albin Johnson, Maggie Allen, and Bryan Young.

Additionally, my amazing cover artist Betsy Waddell is standing by to create illustrations for each of those stories. If we hit those stretch goals, everyone at the $5 and above level will receive electronic copies of all of the short stories at no additional cost. Girl - coverAfter the Kickstarter is over, Silence in the Library Publishing will bundle the stories together with some of my other War of the Seasons short stories and publish them as a print anthology (everyone always asks why there are only 3 books if there are 4 seasons… there were always going to be 4 books ☺).

And you guys, there’s SO MUCH MORE. So be sure to check out the Kickstarter for War of the Seasons: The Hunter and please consider contributing and help fund the initial print run for The Hunter, the pivotal final book in the War of the Seasons trilogy.

If you can’t contribute monetarily, please, if you wouldn’t mind, spread the word to all your friends and family, and keep spreading the word. By doing so you’ll not only help see War of the Seasons through to its thrilling conclusion, but help keep Will and Katie’s memories alive.
Will and Katie
Thank you.

If you want to spread the word and would like something easy to cut and paste, here you go:

Suggested Facebook\Google+ Language

Check out the new Kickstarter for Janine K. Spendlove’s War of the Seasons Trilogy. A trio of great fantasy novels, and stretch goal short stories by authors like Michael A. Stackpole, Aaron Allston, Bryan Young, Maggie Allen, Albin Johnson, and Cleolinda Jones. With a lot of really cool extras and add-ons, there’s sure to be something for everyone. http://tinyurl.com/pquscr4

Kickstarter Launch for Janine Spendlove’s War of the Seasons fantasy trilogy. Check it out! Please support/RT http://tinyurl.com/pquscr4

Tumblr: You can reblog my post here: http://janinekspendlove.tumblr.com/post/63460463359/kickstarter-pre-order-for-war-of-the-seasons-a

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In case you missed my last blog post about “How I do it all? (answer: I DON’T),” you can find it here.

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